Cross-Border Credit Transfer

You can now relocate with one less thing to worry about. Wherever you go, your credit history goes with you and countless opportunities await you.


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You are only as trustworthy as your Betascore

This is why thousand’s of businesses are using Beta Score to carry out credit checks and are able to determine the credit-worthiness with a 99.9% accuracy.

Built on Trust

Businesses use Betascore to verify customers’ credit worthiness 

Unique Customer Insight

Understanding your customers is not only critical to customer acquisition, but retention and advocacy. With BetaScore you will gain deep and distinctive insight into your customers’ needs, preferences and motivations.

Unlock an untapped credit market

Our proprietary technology and solution transfers and integrates credit scores for many underserved communities and significantly increases the size of the market for your business to explore.

Not Just Transactional Data but Behavioural Insights

Unlock the power of your transaction data and gain valuable insights into your business with our platform. We'`ll help you make data-driven decisions for sustainable growth.

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endless opportunities

Credit Opportunities

You can now travel and move across borders with 1 less thing to worry about. Wherever you go, your credit score goes with you and countless credit opportunities await you.

Credit and Financial Access anywhere you go

For the first time in history, your credit history and scores are now transferable across borders, thereby allowing you to enjoy the support and lifestyle you always had even when you migrate.

Enjoy the same lifestyle at home and abroad

Irrespective of your needs- a house, car or to obtain a credit card, BetaScore makes a difference. Take control of your financial future today and supercharge your credit opportunities.


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