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Merge credit report from more than one country

Our credit report system will calculate your creditworthiness even if you have lived in a different country and pre-qualify you for opportunities in a new country based on your history and worthiness.

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Credit should be about personal integrity and trustworthiness, not where you have lived.

Your financial wellness

Transform your situation with one solution that takes you from 0 to 1,000 in 5 minutes.

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Student loan

Empowering your education journey. Achieve your dreams without financial worry. Invest in your future today.


We give you mortgage opportunities while you choose what works for you. Start your homeownership journey now.


Our platform facilitates the loans you need to enable the lifestyle that you deserve. Get funds quickly and conveniently with our multiple loan options and opportunities through BetaScore.


BetaRent is the answer to your rental woes. We use your credit score to provide the guarantees you need to lease or rent a property.

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